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Sample Confidentiality Statement

Sample Confidentiality Statement

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  • Confidentiality Agreements Combo Package

    Best Value - Confidentiality Agreements Combo Package containing forms most frequently used to protect confidentiality. These forms include a general, mutual and employee confidentiality agreements along with an amendment agreement.

  • Employee Confidentiality Agreements

    Popular - Employee Confidentiality Agreement for use by a company to protect their trade secrets. This agreement includes provisions regarding an employee's unauthorized use of confidential information and company secrets.

  • Long Form Confidentiality Agreements

    Long Form Confidentiality Agreement for use when confidential information is disclosed and must be protected. This agreement is in long format and contains all necessary provisions to protect the information.

  • Short Form Confidentiality Agreements

    Short Form Confidentiality Agreement to be used when confidential information is disclosed to another party and must be protected. This information may include trade secrets or intellectual property information.

  • Amendment to Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement

    Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreement Amendment will effectively amend an existing agreement. This form sets forth the provisions which are amended and those remaining in effect.

  • Business Plan Confidentiality

    Business Plan Confidentiality Agreements to be utilized when pitching a confidential business plan. These forms include necessary provisions about the type of business and agreement term.

  • Confidential Information Releases

    Confidential Information Release will allow a party, such as a doctor, school or attorney, to release your confidential information. This release contains a date on which the release will expire.

  • Mutual Confidentiality Agreements

    Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement for use when parties agree not to disclose any confidential information which might have been provided by the other. This agreement covers information such as trade secrets and intellectual property.

  • Potential Investor Confidentiality Agreement

    Potential Investor Confidentiality Agreement for use when a company provides an investor confidential information. This form sets out the specific information provided and that no licenses are granted with regard to the information.

  • Spanish Forms

    Spanish Form Non-Disclosure Agreement with both English and Spanish translations. This agreement contains the information to be kept confidential and date of termination.